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Thanks for visiting my blog. If you need some of the down to earth guidance that you find in these posts, I hope you will contact me to learn how I can be helpful.

I have found over the years that no matter what the organizational challenges are, all roads seem to lead back to people issues. In spite of our best efforts (not to mention company values that claim “people are our greatest asset”), we often fall short when it comes to bringing out the best in each other at work. The consulting and coaching services I provide focus on leadership, teams and organizational culture. At the crux of my approach is a deep understanding about human behavior both individually and in a group context. Our environments can shape our own behavior–sometimes in unexpected ways. Likewise, we can effect change in our surroundings and others. And this is why it can be so confusing and frustrating to figure out all this human stuff at work. I often think of my work with clients as a crash course and navigational map in understanding self and others. You can’t imagine how much better things go once you learn how the puzzle works!

I have worked in most industries in the US and abroad. I use any forum that works best for my clients: on site, individually, with teams, virtually via multiple technologies.

If you would like to discuss your unique challenges, I’d love to hear from you. I can be reached privately at

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