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Nicki RothHi there — I’m Nicki Roth, the President of Roth Consulting Associates which specializes in leadership and organizational transformation, and the co-founder of Saroga — The Nonprofit Leadership Forum.

What sets me apart from many others in my field is that I started my professional life as a psychotherapist. I have deep expertise in what makes people tick and how our environments influence our behaviors. I decided to expand my practice to effect change in larger systems so I made the transition to consulting and coaching work.  Part of my journey included four years as the Vice President of Human Resources at a large company where I had the chance to practice what I preached.

My work as a consultant and an executive have all affirmed something I’ve known since my therapist days. We human beings want to be the best we can be but we sometimes need help with that. My clients who have been willing to venture into the space that sits between therapy and business consulting have been the most successful. They have been able to make deep and sustainable personal change that has lead to greater organizational success. They have pushed past their fears and experienced remarkable growth. For me, this type of work has been profoundly rewarding. Not only do I get to witness leaders coming into their own fullness but I also get to see the dramatic impact they have on transforming their companies.

Although my consulting and coaching work draws on my clinical background, my work with clients is definitely not therapy. We set up specific goals and aim for high impact results. My guidance is pragmatic, in the context of organizational needs and pushing leaders and teams to explore doing things differently.

This blend of extensive understanding of human behavior with my experiences as a consultant and an executive comes together in GetRealLeadership; no nonsense, down to earth, based in reality — with a good dose of humor.

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