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I’m Expanding What Appears Here

Over the years I have resisted commenting on leadership as it is displayed in the public square. I’ve kept the focus on organizations and how to improve your own leadership abilities. But I spend a great deal of time away from this blog thinking, talking, analyzing bigger issues. Where leadership sits at the intersection of sociology, psychology, politics, cultural shifts, neuropsychology and history. We are in a time of enormous change and we need to see the ripple effect our leadership actions have beyond our own companies.

Some of what will be posted here are just thinking out loud pieces that I hope will provoke your own curiosity and exploration. Some will be commentaries and ways of connecting the dots about larger social issues. Others will be about social justice and the role each of us can play as leaders. And some posts will just be lighthearted.

I hope you will appreciate this shift and that you will forward these posts to your network. My ideal would be to begin an interactive dialogue here about big challenges that require new approaches to leading. I invite you to join the conversation.

The first post in this new direction is written by my business partner, and Brit extraordinaire, Gavin Fenn-Smith. PS. He is a huge soccer (sic. football) fanatic.

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