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New Book Published: The Messy Truth About Leading People

I am pleased to announce the release of my new book that I wrote with my business partner, Gavin Fenn-Smith. “The Messy Truth About Leading People: It Ain’t Easy”

Micah, the narrator, tells true stories from our experiences as coaches and leaders. The characters and escapades will feel familiar to you. Micah says out loud what usually only gets said in private. They pull back the curtain to tell the truth about how messy leading is in reality.

Although packed with helpful insights, this is not a how-to book. Because when it comes to leading people, there is no plug and play formula. You and the people around you are complex, infuriating, brilliant and flawed. Taking a brutal look in the mirror and learning what makes us tick, ain’t easy.

Be among the first people to grab a copy.

We hope you enjoy our latest collaboration. If you are so inspired, we invite you to leave a review. To learn more about the book and what we are doing, go to

Stay home. Stay safe.

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