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Taking A Break

Thank you for your loyal support of this blog. It keeps me on my toes to speak frankly about what happens on the ground in our organizations. I have lots more to write about but it will have to wait until December. I am immersed in very cutting edge and exciting work about leading innovation that is filling my every moment. I look forward to sharing some insights when I return to my blog later this year.

Before I sign off for a bit, I’d like to share some observations based on reader response to GetRealLeadership.

  • People are hungry for guidance about their teams. I’ve been focusing on teams recently because it receives so many views. It has made me wonder why, in spite of so much emphasis on team building and training over the past 20 years, not enough of it is taking. Is it the pressure of chasing each quarter that encourages poor behavior? Or the mix of generations and difficulties that can create to find productive communication habits? Is it egotistical or self righteous posturing? Is the hierarchy still alive and well? If millennials were raised on constant collaboration and teamwork, where is their influence at work? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
  • Selfless, low ego leaders are hard to find. But everyone is looking for one or trying to figure out how to become one. It is the most searched topic that brings people to this blog. Again, this makes me curious. We’ve had two decades of servant and authentic leadership books. Is there not enough follow through on this popular perspective? While this dialogue has been taking place, has there been a parallel movement to grab and hold onto power? Is the current political landscape just a culmination of a decade of powerful CEOs getting away with horrible deeds leaving the rest of us searching desperately for a very different kind of leader? This topic is alive and well but it is not getting much attention in the blogosphere. Have we become so cynical that we accept that nice people finish last?
  • There is little interest in women and people of color. Every time I write something on those issues there is very little traffic. I have mentioned in the past that this is disheartening to me. There is no level playing field in our companies but it seems this is not a priority or of interest to many people. A generous conclusion would be that many of you don’t believe this is a problem where you work. If that is the case, please write to me and tell me your success stories. I’m dying to hear some good news. But the realist in me sees what is happening in the real world and with the clients I serve. There are certainly some bright spots but the lack of women and people of color in top leadership roles persists. I can’t help but connect some dots between the current political discourse and what is happening in too many companies. Men are forgiven for everything and anything and women are blamed for everything and anything. Wells Fargo CEO finally was forced to step down but he is the exception. All the other bad players continue in their roles and keep accumulating vast wealth. A woman CEO is vilified and taken out in a heart beat for poor financial performance especially if she didn’t turn around a shit situation she inherited from some former male CEO. Sexism, racism and double standards live on in our culture. I expect more from our corporations.

Stay tuned for some very interesting posts about leading innovation in December. This is something every leader and company is grappling with. For some great reading on the topic I recommend Linda Hill’s book, Collective Genius. She and her co-authors offer a very different leadership model. And by the way, it is everything I have been writing about and you are searching for about great teamwork. It is a compelling read.

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section or via private email at

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