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Huffington Post Blog Entry: Nonprofit Leadership

Deep commitment, extensive knowledge and abiding passion to make a difference on a specific issue are baseline traits of countless nonprofit leaders. This is necessary but not enough to achieve bold changes in the world. Effective leadership skills are needed to realize the full impact of these far-reaching missions. Beyond Passion is the story of one executive director’s journey from expert to leader. By taking two steps back, asking important questions, reaching out for help, engaging her team and taking an honest assessment of her leadership strengths and gaps, Isabel is able to steer her organization out of a rut and onto a growth path. She comes to realize that, like most nonprofits, her attention is focused on programs and donors while developing her leadership effectiveness is neglected. Beyond Passion stresses the value of strong leadership, the multiplying impact on the mission and a framework to learn these skills.

Here is an excerpt from my new book, Beyond Passion: from nonprofit expert to organizational leader on the Huffington Post Blog site.

The book can be purchased on Amazon.

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