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If you re-read the post from Sept 20 on Believability and then reflect on what happened with the presidential election you might think I was brilliant.  But we all know that is a stretch.  Without going all political here, I do think there is a cautionary tale for all leaders to heed.

If people do not believe the words that come out of your mouth, if there is little consistency from one day to the next, if you just don’t pass the sniff test, you will not succeed as a leader.  More accurately, it will be tough to find followers beyond sycophants who hope you will bestow great favors upon them.

You have to speak from a set of core beliefs that permeate all you do and say.  Not everyone will agree with your outlook and that is fine.  But if they can’t figure out what you really stand for then they can’t make a connection to you.  If you are content to be the type of leader who says, “Do this.  Do that.  Because I said so.  And I’m right,” and you have no interest is establishing a rapport with your staff…good luck with that.  People follow or do good work for leaders who inspire them, who they believe it, who they care about, who they think are smart, who they think make sense.

As I’ve said here before.  People have great shit detectors.  In my view, Romney’s demise was that too many people just didn’t believe him…they couldn’t find his core beliefs.  And those that did vote for him knew and did not like Obama’s beliefs.  And for those political strategists who are scratching their heads about how Obama could be re-elected so handily given the economic outlook I have one word: believability.

So all you leaders out there.  Getting Real just may be the right path.

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